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Mini Plantain Tarts - 2"
Mini Plantain Tarts - 2"


$64.24 / case
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Case price
Pieces in a case 144
Price per piece $0.45

Product specifications

Kabobs ID K0921
Name Mini Plantain Tarts - 2"
Piece weight 0.62oz
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Dietary Requirements


Mini Plantain Tarts - 2"

Fresh green plantains, pressed into a mini tart. Perfect for hot or cold accompaniments.

Selling features

Kabobs’ Mini Plantain Tarts not only provide a wealth of culinary pairing options, but an exotic and flavorful gluten-friendly solution for your guests. Consisting of a crisp exterior, with a soft center, the Mini Plantain Tarts have been crafted to accompany both hot and cold pairings. The 2” inch tart shells are great with a cool citrus cilantro ceviche, or a savory blend of pork carnitas, topped with queso fresco.

  • 2" tart shell
  • Exotic flavor, perfect for Latin and Caribbean cuisine
  • Gluten friendly dining option
  • Meets vegan diet standards
  • Accompanies both cold and hot mixes
  • Passed hors d'oeuvre or an accent to a small plate

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