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Barbacoa Beef Taco
Barbacoa Beef Taco


$247.76 / case
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Case price
Pieces in a case 210
Price per piece $1.18

Product specifications

Kabobs ID K7613
Name Barbacoa Beef Taco
Piece weight 0.90oz
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Barbacoa Beef Taco

Slow marinated Barbacoa beef, accented with fresh hand-cut bell peppers, onions, cilantro, cumin, oregano, chipotle peppers, and hand-wrapped in a flour tortilla.

Cooking instructions

From frozen bake in a pre-heated 350 ºF convection oven for 6 - 8 minutes. Cook until internal temperature reaches 165 ºF as measured by use of a thermometer.

Selling features

Today’s dining guests are becoming more adventurous with regional ethnic cuisines. Recent dining trends, and purchasing behaviors, are suggesting that consumers are demanding authentic flavor profiles reflective of a particular culture. In recognizing this growing need / request, Kabobs’ culinary team has undergone a conducive study into various ethnicities. Our goal, is to capture the culture and flavors of a particular region.

Kabobs’ K7613 Barbacoa Beef Taco provides your guests with an intense flavor profile, reflective of the southern providences of Mexico. We take marinated, slow roasted Barbacoa beef, accented with cilantro, cumin, and oregano, paired with a splash of lime juice, and hand-wrapped in a flour tortilla. The flavor and look of this Latin American inspired hors d’oeuvre / appetizer is certain to capture the dining pallets of your guests.

• Authentic flavor profiles (Latin America)

• Impressive product visual and definition. Slices of vegetables and pulled Barbacoa Beef.

• Hand rolled and brushed with a seasoned butter

• Perfect as-is, or pairs well with fresh guacamole, pico de gallo, or roasted tomato salsa.

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