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Tropical Mini Cheesecake Assortment
Tropical Mini Cheesecake Assortment


$159.59 / case
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Case price
Pieces in a case 177
Price per piece $0.90

Product specifications

Kabobs ID K0758
Name Tropical Mini Cheesecake Assortment
Piece weight 0.50oz
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Dietary Requirements


Tropical Mini Cheesecake Assortment

A cool tropical assortment of our bite-size delectable cheesecakes with sweet graham cracker crust and colorful fruit puree swirl - Lemon Blueberry, Key Lime, and Strawberry Margarita.

Cooking instructions

Keep frozen. Do not refreeze. Do not reuse. Thaw under refrigeration and serve.

Selling features

Needing ideas for mini desserts? Kabobs' Cool Citrus Mini Cheesecake Assortment provides a tropical array of bite-sized sweetness. With no preparation, the Cool Citrus Mini Cheesecakes are perfect as is.

  • Impressive tropical color.
  • Thaw & Serve Item
  • Vegetarian
  • Additional Cheesecake Flavor offering: K0757 Chocolate-Caramel Mini Cheesecake Assortments
  • Perfect as is, no accompaniment needed.

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