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Gluten-Free Tart Shells (1.5")
Gluten-Free Tart Shells (1.5")


$70.10 / case
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Case price
Pieces in a case 144
Price per piece $0.49

Product specifications

Kabobs ID K086
Name Gluten-Free Tart Shells (1.5")
Piece weight 0.30oz
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Dietary Requirements


Gluten-Free Tart Shells (1.5")

A perfect aromatic blend of gluten-free flours and a hint of sea salt; hand pressed and par baked into miniature 1.5" tart shells. Perfect for any filling, sweet or savory.

Selling features

Kabobs' aromatic blend of gluten-free flours create a perfect 1.5" tart shell vessel, ideal for any flavor profile; sweet or savory. A great hors d'oeuvre / appetizer component for dining patrons practicing a strict gluten-free diet, or for those sensitive to gluten (suffering with celiac disease). All Kabobs gluten-free items are professionally test in a laboratory to determine if it exceeds the minimum levels of gluten per parts per million. The result is a tart shell that will have you second guessing the omission of gluten.

  • Gluten-Free flour blend. Laboratory tested, exceeding gluten-free minimums for celiac disease.
  • Component / empty shell for adding any type of mixture to, sweet or savory.
  • Hand pressed tart shells, providing a true handmade look and feel
  • Par-baked. Can be served at room temperature (thaw & serve), or baked again for a nice crisp exterior
  • Vegetarian item

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