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Chocolate Caramel Mini Cheesecake Asst.
Chocolate Caramel Mini Cheesecake Asst.


$105.34 / case
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Case price
Pieces in a case 126
Price per piece $0.84

Product specifications

Kabobs ID K0751
Name Chocolate Caramel Mini Cheesecake Asst.
Piece weight 0.67oz
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Dietary Requirements


Chocolate Caramel Mini Cheesecake Asst.

A rich, decadent assortment of our smooth bite-size cheesecakes with mild buttery graham cracker crust - Dulce De Leche, Mocha Cappuccino, and Decadent Turtle.

Cooking instructions

Keep frozen. Do not refreeze. Do not reuse. Thaw under refrigeration and serve.

Selling features

These decadent bite-size mini cheesecakes embody all of the charm of their New York dining favorite counterpart: creamy chocolate, heavy whipping cream, rich cream cheese, and an assortment of caramel and chocolate combinations. Not to be confused with the inexpensive cold-set items, these mini cheesecakes are a true baked item; no tin foil wrapper.

  • Traditional baked cheesecake
  • Mini / bite-size
  • Component piece; add personal touches
  • No tin foil / paper wrapper
  • Dessert item
  • Thaw and Serve Item; simple preparation

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